By submitting a placement of debt with CollBox, you certify that you are engaging CollBox as a debt collection brokerage that will assign your debt to one of its Partner Collection Agencies and you agree to pay contingent fees to the assigned Partner Collection Agency on collected monies as follows:

Each placement of debt will receive a custom, clear contingent fee based on a number of factors of the debt including, but not limited to, age, amount, industry, and business status. The fee will be presented in percentage form before any debt submission or commitment is made. The rate may change based on factors that CollBox or its Partner Collection Agencies discover in working with you and you will be contacted with any changes to determine if you would like to continue. Otherwise, the fee for each debt placed is the stated fee on the Collection Offer screen in the CollBox application and you agree to pay that percentage on monies collected. All fees are charged in United States currency.


Age of accounts receivable are to be determined from the last date of unpaid invoice for product or service.You authorize CollBox’s Partner Collection Agencies to accept payment and to endorse checks or money orders for deposit into their trust account, the net proceeds of which are remitted to you the client less the stated fee.

You agree to notify CollBox and any assigned Partner Collection Agencies of any direct payments you receive on accounts within seven (7) days and further agree to pay stated fees to the Partner Collection Agency within thirty (30) days.

In the event either party receives a return on any payment by any debtor, both parties agree to refund the amount invoiced and/or previously paid. Monies received directly by you and/or received from any debtor will be invoiced and due upon receipt. Fees are due upon receipt from any monies received from any debtor. Sales tax will be applied when the Client and the debtor are both located in the State of Texas.

CollBox assigns accounts to its Partner Collection Agency of choice immediately. You understand that communicating with the debtor after placement can affect outcome and agree to refer the debtor back to the Partner Collection Agency for all communications and negotiation. CollBox’s Partner Collection Agency will only settle the accounts for less than the total amount with your approval.

You must authorize merchandise returns. In the event that the debtor returns merchandise and/or credit is issued or the debt is found to have been previously paid, the fee will be half the prevailing commission rate.

If you would like to use legal remedies offered by CollBox Partner Collection Agencies to satisfy debt, legal fees will be negotiated on a per claim basis (with court costs and attorney fees being your responsibility). No suit will be filed without your prior authorization.

The placement of a claim with CollBox and its Partner Collection Agency on a contingent basis vests the Partner Agency with an interest in the claim to the extent of their contingent commission; the withdrawal of a claim for any reason shall entitle the receiver, CollBox’s Partner Collection Agency, to the prevailing rate of that placement for services rendered.

CollBox’s Partner Collection Agency’s time frame debt recovery plan is to determine if the account can possibly be collected. At the end of the specific time frame CollBox or its Partner Collection Agency will advise if the account will remain open or closed. No account is closed automatically. All accounts will be closed with notice for the protection of both parties. No one has the authority to change or alter the printed terms of this agreement.

You furthermore agree to be bound by the CollBox Terms of Service ("TOS") and Privacy Policy ("PP") which can be located on the CollBox website at

In no event shall CollBox or its Partner Collection Agencies be liable for lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages or for the un-collectability of Accounts under any circumstances.

Version: 2